Orthopedic supplies and supports are custom ordered


Bring these items into your life to help increase your overall health and reduce pain on a daily basis. 

Even Dr. Stitt uses these products in her personal life every day. 

To schedule a consult, call 310-698-4638.

Intellibed – intelligent sleep surface


Use CODE: DrAprilynStitt98

to receive bonus items.



Use the CODE: DrAprilynStitt98 or pick-up at the office and save even more! 



Tempurpedic Mattresses are available for purchase at a discount for all patients through our office.  

Call PSC for details on discounts.

Tempurpedic Orthopedic supports and pillows are also available and special ordered to patient specifications.

Foot Levelers spinal stabilizers


Custom fit shoe orthotics designed to help you maintain your spinal stability.

Foot Levelers are also designed to help patients who suffer from ailments involving the arches and foot mechanics. 

Foot Levelers help your feet provide a stable foundation for the rest of your body!