Each patient of Pacific Sol Chiropractic is treated as an individual and not a type of injury or case! 

View these patient testimonials to see how their experience at PSC improved their life with the unique, deeply devoted care and endless guidance of Dr. Stitt! 

  • Dr. Stitt helped not only me, but my entire family. She is super knowledgeable, professional and kind. I have been to other Chiropractors before but none have had results until Dr. Stitt. She has been amazing!!

                                                                                       Reilly A., Google Business

  • (Dr. Stitt) is an incredible doctor.  She is very thorough and has helped me with many problems including things as strange as a bone being out of place in my hand ... She is by far the best Chiropractor I have even been to.  She is so great with sports medicine as well. Try her out, she's great, and she cares!!!

                                                                                      Adam F., Yelp 


  • Dr. Stitt has helped me tremendously the last few years, whether it's with an adjustment, or dealing with a soft tissue problem, or both. She always treats the whole body and often discovers an issue before I do. As a testament to her ability, last week I hobbled into her office, stooped and walking slowly, as my back had gone out. I left there standing upright and walking normal. One of the attorneys in our office couldn't believe the difference, since he had seen both the before and after, and he asked me what kind of drug Dr. Stitt had given me. I told him she just worked on me and did her usual magic, and his comment was, "You are living proof."
    Thank you, Dr. Stitt, for caring and helping so many of us.

                                                                                     anonymous patient 

  • (Pacific Sol Chiropractic) is an excellent chiropractic center. Dr. Aprilyn Stitt is a truly dedicated and caring chiropractor. She will rearrange her schedule to met your needs. She goes beyond just the basic chiropractic adjustments and will work on soft tissue needs as well.
    I have been injured several times in car accidents and Dr. Stitt has brought me back to 100% of health within a few short weeks. My teenage daughter also sees Dr. Stitt for maintenance.
    To say Dr. Stitt has been a God send to me goes without any further explanation.                                    

                                                                                    anonymous patient

  • My husband and I have been treated by Dr. Stitt for the past few years. We drive from Long Beach because her passion and knowledge for chiropractic care is invaluable. Dr. Stitt's positive energy makes every visit a healing one! 

                                                                                   anonymous patient